Video: Hope You Can Handle This Game Of Thrones Season 3 Sneak Peak

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If you wish you had a direwolf, still pray to the old gods, loathe House Lannister, and are afraid of what's beyond the wall (The Bronx?), then this is for you. Winter is still on its way, but at least you don't have to wait for a sneak peak of Game Of Thrones Season 3. I speak for all of HBO when I say, “you're welcome.”

What can we expect in Season 3? Will Cersei start bumping uglies with another one of her Lannister brethren? Will Joffrey go even further off the deep end? Will Tyrion get bigger? Oh gods (all of them), I can't even focus on anything but the Lannisters! What bout Arya, will she be even more badass? And DRAGONS?! I hope they grow a little faster, it's kind of odd looking at them and thinking they belong in a diorama.

Okay, none of those questions are really answered in this sneak peak. But it's still satisfying. And we do learn one thing, “the game's been upped.” Oooh!



The new season premieres on HBO Sunday March 31, 2013. Until then… well I don't really know what you can do since I'm kind of going crazy myself. I would suggest re-reading one of the books but they're just so long. Uggh. Please accept this Game Of Thrones as sitcom video as consolation. It's pretty funny.