Open Thread: What Are Good Rules For A Game Of Thrones Drinking Game?

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The Game Of Thrones finale is this Sunday, so you know what my next question is gonna be — who is hosting the viewing party? And more importantly, what are we doing for the drinking game?

You see, some of us only have HBOGo, so we'd have to wait until 11:00pm to start suffering through an hour of buffering with the rest of the peons. So if you have it coming through on a genuwine television screen, why not suck it up and invite me over? I'll bring the drinking game! We here at Crushable have a ton of experience writing them, because the ones we made up for the Golden Globes and the Oscars were guaranteed to get you super…award-winning. (Read: drunk.)

Except…the only thing is…I haven't totally thought of it yet. But the best drinking games are group projects, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out. The only thing I ask is that there are no spoilers from people who've read the books, just so that this post is safe for everyone who's seen up to episode nine in the TV show. Then once we have enough answers, our weekend editor will put them together into a post, and we'll all get sloppy together. ‘Valar mozugon', y'know? That's High Valyrian for ‘all men must drink', which I know because I'm a nerd and just looked it up.

And in honor of that, I'll present the first rule, just to get us started:

  • Take one drink every time someone speaks in High Valyrian, or two drinks if you don't recognize the language and someone calls you out on it.

And now it's all you guys! Have at it!