Art Crush: Would You Believe That These Digital Paintings Of The Game Of Thrones Cast Aren’t Photographs?

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Anja Delisa AniaEm deviantART Game of Thrones digital paintings photorealistic drawings

Glance at the image above and you'd think it was a photo of actress Emilia Clarke in-character as Daenerys Targaryen on HBO's Game of Thrones, right? Well, the most astonishing thing is that is a painting, as are all of the Game of Thrones images in Polish artist Anja Delisa‘s deviantART page.

According to The Mary Sue, Delisa used screenshots and photos as reference, but the result is all her. And here you thought you'd gotten good at Draw Something, right? We can't get over how utterly realistic these drawings look, down to the shape of the actors' features. To be honest, I haven't yet gotten into the show — probably because it would take over all my free time — but I can easily recognize Clarke, Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, and the other famous faces.

Dalisa drew almost the entire cast, which is saying something considering all the major players. We've included less than half of them here; make sure to check out the rest!