Gallery: The Best Celebrity Tweets for Twitter’s 5th Birthday

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Five years ago today, the first tweet was sent. What followed was a social media revolution embraced by some and derided by others, mostly over the notion of oversharing. But Twitter has also become a tool that breaks down the barriers between celebrities and their fans, and providing to-the-moment citizen journalism thanks to fast thumbs and Twitpics.

The Twitter team thanked its millions of followers for the ability to reach this milestone, saying, We're lucky to have so many people using Twitter in so many interesting and important ways. If you're feeling sentimental, you can send a birthday message to @Twitter, the site's official profile.

When it's a celebrity's birthday, we at Crushable usually come up with a gallery of the best photos of that person. So how do we ring in Twitter's fifth year of giving celebs mouthpieces and bringing fans closer to their idols? With a gallery of the most TMI, unnecessary, astounding, controversial tweets!