Gallery: Peaches Geldof Makes Out With New Boy (With A Bird On It)

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Peaches Geldof has a new boyfriend. So does that mean Eli Roth is single? I'm just asking. He can email me if he wants.

Anyway, Peaches' new man is a musician named Thomas Cohen (@tomfromscum) and I definitely have not hooked up with him, which is a relief. Not a relief is how many pictures the British heiress has of her new beau's tongue all down her throat. Fashion Week! Twitpic! Give it a rest you guys!

We didn't want to burden you with actually looking straight into the tonsils of horror, so we decided to make these pictures a little happier by making use of our favorite new website: Put a bird on it.

According to them:

“In Portland, you can just put a bird on anything and make it art.”

And voila! We made you Peaches Geldof tonsil hockey art!