Gallery: How Much Of Steven Tyler’s Wardrobe Could We Find At Chico’s?

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Watching American Idol these past few weeks, we couldn't help but notice that judge Steven Tyler‘s “wild” outfits look eerily similar to the stuff you might find on the racks at Chico's, the funky white lady store that happens to be my grandma's personal favorite place to shop*. My grandma is a very hip lady. Really, she is stylish and totally with it — however she happens to be in her 70s, a woman, and not at all a rock star. So how right were we? We went through Chico's offerings from their present and past collections and found ridiculously close approximations of many of Steven's ensembles.

*It's also the favorite store of Michael Phelps‘ mom, Debbie, who has an endorsement deal with the brand.