Gallery: Celebrities Wear Camo, We Disapprove

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Camouflage is totally in this fall, say people who know things about fashion. I bet you’re dying with anticipation wondering “Liana, will you be one of the women traipsing down Broadway in a tan-and-olive overcoat?” Probably not, is the answer to your not-question! I know I’m in the minority here, but something just doesn’t sit right with me regarding camo print. The idea of taking the purpose-serving pattern of our military and wearing it simply because it looks cool just seems kind of shitty. People are dying in fatigues every day, and it’s hard for me to look at those colors and see anything other than battlefields.

Man, I’ll be sorry when World War Z breaks out in New York City and I’m the only one who can’t blend in with the… um, sand and trees and stuff, won’t I? Anyway, here are a bunch of famous people who have decided that fatigues are fashionable. Weirdly, there isn’t a helmet or a machine gun in the bunch.