Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Kitten Freaks Out

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Kitten touches lizard and freaks out videoYou guys let's just be honest with ourselves: we were out too late last night. I know that's true because you and I are the exact same, and this last post of the day is where we examine that fact. So anyway, after our improv show that we all did together, went out for way too long and drank one too many Jameson rocks, and didn't wake up with enough time to pack a lunch or shower well enough to look like anything other than a garbage train. You may not remember that being how your night and evening went, but I assure you that's the case. Just like George Hamilton, I cannot tell a lie.

But anyway, all I'm trying to say is that I feel where your brain is right now. You're hungry, you need a nap, your bangs are doing some things you can't explain. What you need is a stupid, funny video resulting in your heart being warmed and your vision momentarily being cleared by the hilarious antics of an adorable kitty cat.

You guys. I love this video. I love it oh so very much. Cats freaking out is one of my most favoritest things, right behind the friendship between Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and eating Chipotle, and this is a prime example. WHY DOES THE KITTEN KEEP FREAKING OUT? I love it. Even after it's already addressed its concern with the lizard rubbing up against it and scaring it literally into the air, it feels the need to take a moment and then leap into the air again. I think ‘frenzy' is really the appropriate terminology here. It's amazing. I admire this kitten's dedication to freaking the fuck out.