20 Funny People You Need To Follow On Twitter Before The End Of The Year

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If you're anything like us, you're always on the lookout for the funniest people to follow on Twitter. If you follow the right people, you can get a free comedy show every time you sign in. We're still waiting for a lot of our favorite famous people to join, but until then Twitter is brimming with creative and hilarious users. I mean, the word “wit” is right there in the name of the site. As we approach the end of 2013, why not make it your New Year's resolution to have a funnier Twitter experience?

How will you know who to follow before the calendar changes over to 2014? Have no fear, Crushable is here! We've compiled a list of twenty hilarious Twitter accounts, from celebrities to semi-celebrities to normals, that should be on your radar. They're all here in alphabetical order, with sample tweets (it was really hard to pick just one) and descriptions so you can really decide whether to click that follow button. But here's a spoiler alert: You're going to end up clicking follow on all of them. They're all that funny.

1. Megan Amram, @meganamram

Megan Amram writes for Parks and Recreation, so it's really no surprise that she consistently kills it on Twitter. Plus, she gets major props for her avatar.

2. Tyra Banks, @tyrabanks

We've already discussed Tyra Banks' Twitter account in depth, seeking to decide whether it's unintentionally or intentionally hilarious. Either way, it's hilarious, so get to following.

3. Diablo Cody, @diablocody

The screenwriter behind Juno is also pretty great at composing hilarious tweets, from funny anecdotes to witty one-liners.

4. Michelle Collins, @michcoll

You may have read some of Michelle Collins' hilarious writing (her Sound of Music Live recap is brilliant) or seen her perfect bangs on TV. You should also be following her amazing Twitter account.

5. Billy Eichner, @billyeichner

Comedian Billy Eichner hosts the hilarious pop culture game show Billy on the Street, so his Twitter is predictably celebrity-focused. It's also often in all-caps, as he's quite the fan of yelling. His tweets become so much more fun when you imagine them in his voice.

6. Adam Ellis, @moby_dickhead

Artist and writer Adam Ellis runs the very funny blog Books of Adam and contributes to Buzzfeed. He's got a great Twitter voice and also posts adorable Vines and photos of his cats — sometimes wearing tiny hats.

7. Ronan Farrow, @RonanFarrow

Ronan Farrow, who made our 25 Crushable Guys Under 25 list this year, caught Twitter's attention when he tweeted this response to his mother Mia Farrow saying his father might be Frank Sinatra. Follow him for smart and funny political and entertainment commentary.

8. Josh Groban, @joshgroban

Josh Groban is one of the best sports on Twitter. He's always willing to make fun of himself, and he participates in plenty of amazing Twitter conversations with fellow celebrities.

9. Leslie Grossman, @MissLeslieG

Actress Leslie Grossman has starred on TV shows like Popular and What I Like About You. She also happens to be positively hilarious on Twitter. Look through her tweets and get ready to giggle.

10. Ken Jennings, @KenJennings

Who knew the guy who couldn't stop winning Jeopardy! would turn out to be so great at Twitter? File his account under “pleasantly surprising.”

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