Full Rolling Stones Quote Doesn’t Do Justin Bieber Any Favors

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Justin Bieber got into a bit of trouble last week when Rolling Stone outed him as a pro-lifer. And now the NY Daily News has reported that Rolling Stone left out part of Justin Bieber‘s abortion quote. But The Biebs' full statement doesn't do him any favors.

The teen idol came under fire last week for the controversial comments when he said that abortion “was like killing a baby” and stated that he did not support abortion, even in case of rape.

Bieber's people kept insisting that the quote was taken out of context, because the magazine didn't include his entire quote. Today, Rolling Stone conceded that part of Bieber's quote about abortion was omitted. The magazine posted Bieber's entire quote on the Rolling Stone website this morning. Here's the addendum:

“Due to an editing error, this online news item originally included an incomplete quote from our Justin Bieber cover story. The full quote, which appears in full in our March 3 issue, reads: ‘Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

Um… so that's what the Bieber camp was fighting for? An extra line with a tenuous teenage phrasing: “I don't know how that would be a reason.”

First of all, that one extra sentence that was omitted definitely does not exonerate him. It doesn't refute any of his earlier stances on abortion. The way I interpret that is “I don't know how that would be a reason… but God has his reasons.” I can definitely understand why Bieber was upset that his entire quote wasn't used, but I don't see how that sentence makes the situation any better for him.

A source close to Bieber also claimed that Bieber's response to the question about his thoughts on abortion was phrased like a question; so instead of the quote being, “It's (abortion) like killing a baby,” the source claims he actually asked, “Like killing a baby?” Rolling Stones denies this and says that the original article has the correct transcript for that question.

Additionally, the fact that he reportedly asked if abortion meant killing a baby instead of definitively stating that abortion was killing a baby shows that he knows what abortion is and has a predetermined opinion on the subject. Just because he asked the question, instead of stating it, doesn't mean that he doesn't believe abortion is murder.

That said, you really have to take what a 16-year-old says with a grain of salt. That doesn't mean that's his final opinion on the subject. Maybe through education, experiences with different types of people or exposure to politics, his opinion on abortion will change. Maybe it won't.

Although it is true that he has a huge influence on young people, it isn't fair that everything he says or feels carries extra weight. He's a teenage singer; he doesn't claim to be a politician. For those who are pro-choice, the sad fact of the matter is, at least some people will probably change their stance on abortion based on what Bieber says. This was an uncharacteristic misstep from The Biebs, but he's going to have to learn that celebrities have to watch what they say. And unfortunately, he can't stay an unoffending adolescent forever.

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