This Frozen And Game Of Thrones Mashup Will Tickle Your Funny Bone Iron Throne

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Jon Snow never bothered me anywayJust when you think there are no more mash-ups with Frozen that you could possibly enjoy, another one comes along and gets you right in the funnybeans.

At least that's what happened to me when I saw this one, combining Frozen and the HBO show Game Of Throneswhich I'm sure we're all watching with bated breath right now because OMG PURPLE WEDDING. I won't spoil anything in this exact instant for you, but if you aren't caught up to season four, episode two of the show, I'll definitely recommend that you not watch this video, because it's chock-full of spoilery goodness.

Oh and did I mention? THERE'S SINGING. THE WHOLE THING IS A SONG. And the genius of the video starts right in the title, because it's called ‘Let It Go(T)'! Get it? Like let it go, except GoT, for Game Of Thrones! I'll show myself out.

Basically it replaces the original lyrics to that song you've listened to and sung ten million times with fun GoT related ones, and they even point out things that I didn't originally realize from the show! Like I'm a couple episodes behind because I haven't had a chance to start season four yet, so I didn't realize they'd recast the guy who plays Daario! (And isn't that the dude from Nashvilleby the way? If I'm right, he really gets around.)

And of course there are the tried and true jokes about nobody paying for HBO on their TVs, but still bitching when the service goes down on their parents' HBOGo accounts. Classic.

“Jon Snow never bothered me anyway” may be my favorite song lyric I've ever heard.