‘Fright Night’ Sends Out a Fleet of Vampire-Themed Food Trucks to Major Cities

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Fright Night, in which Colin Farrell plays a psychotic vampire living next-door to Anton Yelchin and his family, comes out next Friday, August 19. But to get people revved up, the studio has released five food trucks to roam across major cities handing out free themed food. If you live in Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, or New York, then you're in luck! (Unfortunately, Colin Farrell is not included in your meal.)

Here's the menu, from what we can discern from the Twitter feed:

  • Steak-on-a-Stake: A hunk of meat impaled on a stick, perfect for eating while walking back to your office/class.
  • Bloody Jerry: Though it's likely non-alcoholic, this should otherwise resemble a virgin Bloody Mary: Tomato juice, spices, Worcestershire, etc.
  • Garlic Chips: A cheeky nod to vampires' enemy, and a fun mid-day snack.
  • Blood Red Popsicle: Probably cherry, though it would be cool if it were pomegranate, since that juice more resembles blood.

Of course, the selection varies from truck to truck. Follow their Twitter for updates; they seem to move around each city pretty quickly, landing on a new location every hour or two.

Studios and networks are starting to seriously use food trucks as promotional tools: So far they've served food for Air France, Swamp People, and HBO's Game of Thrones this past March.