Friday Comments Roundup: Lady Gaga Won’t Be Getting Raptured

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Not to be confused with “ruptured.” Or “raptored.” Here's what you guys are saying on this day of days in preparation for the end of the world:

Erin S.:
“Would you rather be dumped via text or just never speak to your guy again?”

Oh man; it’s like asking if I’d rather lose my sense of smell or sense of sight. Both choices suck.

Never speaking to someone again is incredibly childish. It’s what the mean girls do in middle school. And a text dump that cancels the next date and no contact ever again is equally childish, but at least there’s some faint writing on the wall.

What I think anybody would prefer is at the very least, a basic conversation that respects that everyone has feelings and the right to feel respected.

Y’know, just say, “I’m just not feeling it with you, so I want to move on.”
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Cara: Sarah, you believe that eye lashes should look like clumpy spider legs? (Meet Amber Scaggs, Corey Simms’ Reported New Girlfriend)

Melissa: The Vampire Diaries. That show is my baby daddy. (Poll: What TV Show Are You In an Abusive Relationship With?)

ZERICA the older sister: (Editor's note: Really?) you’re facts are wrong. if you want to know the truth, follow me on twitter @ZeMonroe (5 Facts About ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Cleondra Carter)

Lindy: How far along is she? Obviously another Palin that did not wear condoms. (Questionable Choices: Track Palin’s Wedding Photo)

ALS: I don’t think Lady Gaga will get raptured-she’s still in love with Judas. (7 Things You Will Miss If You Get Raptured On Saturday)

“Maria suggests three alternate names they can choose from: Nona, Gigi, or Yaya. Okay, I’m sorry, but that is hilarious. Did Maria just choose these names after watching an America’s Next Top Model marathon?”

Nonna = Italian for Grandma
GiGi = Macedonian for Grandma (Editor's note: Macedonia? Wow. Just… wow.)
Ya Ya = Greek for Grandma

Nonna is especially common from my experience. It’s not that weird, really. Kinda normal, to be honest.
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