The Daily WTF: Twitter Users Compare Frank Ocean To Child Molester Jerry Sandusky Because God Forbid They Actually Think Before Tweeting

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Frank Ocean Jerry Sandusky Twitter wtf gay child molesterYou know how in high school, when some awful rumor spread about your friend — or maybe a naked photo of her got sent to everyone's phones — but she didn't know it yet and you wanted to intercept her before she entered the cafeteria to laughter and embarrassment? That's how I feel, but about Frank Ocean and the internet. The rapper (and Crushable 25 honoree) recently came out as queer and shared the story of his first same-sex experience on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He should receive nothing but accolades and support, and instead the stupid fucking internet compares him to child molester Jerry Sandusky. So far he hasn't tweeted anything in response, but I wish that I could just wipe all of these tweets (and probably Tumblr posts, too) before they come up on his newsfeed. He so doesn't deserve this bullshit.

BuzzFeed has collected 24 tweets, but really, all it takes are the first three to get your blood boiling. Twitter users range from lumping Frank in with the rest of Sandusky's victims — because that's the only way you realize you're gay, after being abused — to suggesting that the two team up together. This one is particularly reprehensible:

Frank Ocean compared to Jerry Sandusky Twitter wtf gay

I'm surprised these people were able to tweet without any typos considering they have their heads shoved up their asses. Why is it that anything other than “conventional” sexuality has to be associated with abuse, made sordid or perceived as some sort of punishment for a childhood trauma? And then there's the jokester who decided to drag in the poor Magic Mike guys. Come on! We've already established that just because those guys manscaped and danced around in thongs doesn't challenge their masculinity in any way. Ugh. Can I just be done with the internet for today?

Frank Ocean compared to Jerry Sandusky Twitter wtf gay child molester Magic Mike

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