Fox Reunites the Cast of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ for ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ the Animated Series

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Most movies adapted to TV shows don't manage to stay on the air past a few years: Ferris Bueller, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, My Big Fat Greek Life. But Jared Hess, the writer-director of the 2004 sleeper hit Napoleon Dynamite, has hit upon a loophole for this rule: He's reuniting the original cast but doing an animated series for Fox. You still get the world of the movie, but with different stories and a greater ability to tell them.

Then again, I wasn't a big fan of Napoleon Dynamite, so this doesn't look very funny to me. A lot of the appeal was in Jon Heder‘s physical comedy as the oblivious Napoleon; somehow, a cartoon character voiced by Heder seems more self-aware.