The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading Is My New Favorite Thing About Football

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Football BLR Bad Lip ReadingI'm gonna need everyone involved with Bad Lip Reading to get a joint OkCupid account so I can make it officially with all of them, what with the fact that I'm already in love with everything they do. I don't even think I'm kidding. There's very little on the internet that makes me laugh out loud, but these videos do it every time, and the newest one — The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading is no exception.

I was so nervous after the election was over that they'd stop making videos, since the way I first found out about them was from the Bad Lip Readings of Republican presidential candidates like Michele Bachmann, back in the day. But I needn't have worried, because they gradually moved on to movies (like Twilight), music videos (like their ‘art film' take on One Direction called Shadow Pico), and now, finally…sports. Ah, sports. The opportunities are endless. I would never have even considered this for BLR, but that's why they're the making professionals and I'm the watching professional.

But seriously, this clip kills me. I can't decide if I'm more in love with the line ‘Pretty lady parts' or the guy who takes off his helmet, shouts, “Ooh, I'm white!” and gets a high five from his teammate. I think the most glorious part is that the geniuses behind this videos give everyone a different voice, and that they leave the background noise in there. That's what cracks up the little kid in me, imagining them actually saying these things at a football game, or someone walking along the sidelines singing with his mouth wide open.

So yeah, this is my new favorite thing about football. Replacing my old favorite thing about football, which was snacks. And halftime shows.