The 17 Foodie Cities in the U.S. That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

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If we are going by the dictionary's definition of “foodie,” which is “a person who loves food and is very interested in different types of food,” I think we can agree that we basically all fit the part. I mean, who can honestly try to tell me they don't love pizza, or bagels or a big, fat sandwich? Food is the answer to all problems: it's the perfect excuse to hang out with your friends, saves lunch meetings from seeing new levels of awkwardness, and can comfort you more than any living being ever could. Food items also inspire a ton of cute clothes.

The only thing that makes food better is when you're tasting it in a new place. Pack a bag, buy some extra-loose pants, get in the car and take a road trip to these 17 foodie cities across that US that claim to be the greatest cities in the country when it comes to #noms. Maybe make a stop at one of these bakeries on your way!