PUMA’s Sweat Pretty Is Actually Really Inspiring

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When I think about paddle boarding… Well, I don't really. At least I didn't before I saw this episode of PUMA‘s new web series Sweat Pretty. Hosted by sexy lady boxer Cara Castronuova, the series features ways to work up a sweat outside of the gym.

Now, if I were hosting the series, I'd probably show everyone how to do sit-ups while lying in bed watching Dance Moms, and justify eating junk food on camera. “Any pint of Ben and Jerry's can serve as a great at home work-out tool. If you keep your freezer at the coldest setting, your pint will become rock solid. Digging up a good spoonful of ice-cream that cold actually takes a lot of strength, and is a GREAT workout for your biceps and core.” But because Cara is also a professional trainer, she takes this workout stuff seriously. Not “I'm on steroids and might develop facial hair soon” seriously. More like “Yeah…I'll do that” seriously. Seriously enough to step out of her comfort zone and try some pretty cool classes you'd be hard pressed to find in your local gym. It's kind of…dare I say it… inspiring.

Anyway, back to the paddle boarding. Like I said, not really something I thought about before watching Sweat Pretty. But what used to be that weird “sport” that's kinda like surfing but not really, seems way cooler now. Maybe because I have a clearer understanding of what it is. Maybe because I watched the episode and was like, “How could I have compared this to surfing?” ‘Cause I've been surfing, and let me tell you, it is NOT easy. I've come to the conclusion that i would much rather lie on the beach, sipping something tropical out of a coconut than embarrass myself trying to catch a wave. No cowabunga dude for me. Paddle boarding, though, seems doable.

To be clear, a paddleboard is not a surfboard. Yes, both are big, long, and hard…but on a paddleboard, the rider has much more control. Hence PADDLE-board. And with paddle boarding, there's none of that really hard stuff involved–no paddling out ‘til your arms fall off, no “popping up,” no lying in wait in the middle of the ocean–shark bait.

Surfing is annoying, and takes a lot of time to really nail down. Paddle boarding is chill, and virtually anyone can do it. And it's definitely something you can do with your friends. Since it's relatively easy, no matter the experience level, you and a group of friends could paddleboard together. Instead of sitting on the couch with your friends and complaining about how your ass isn't as tight as it used to be, you guys could be paddle boarding and working out your entire body. So yeah, I'll do some paddle boarding. Especially if it'll make my abs look like Cara's.

Wanna go paddle boarding?

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