If The Fiscal Cliff Was A Lifetime Movie: A Pop Culture Guide To Something We Don’t Totally Get

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I minored in political science in college, so you'd think I'd be all passionate about this fiscal cliff business.  But I must admit, I'm a little rusty on the inner-workings of Congress these days thanks to the narcissism that comes with entering adult life.  But one thing I do understand is being a part of the working class, so…yay!  I've made it a point to at least stay withing a need-to-know basis regarding the fiscal cliff.

One great way to help myself and everyone else understand the fiscal cliff is to relate it to pop culture (you weren't expecting a diagram, were you?).  Today I thought to myself, “If I were casting On the Edge: The Fiscal Cliff Story, I would have field day with the cast of Lifetime veterans to choose from.”  And lucky for me, I have the kind of weekend job that allows me this type of creative freedom.

You can't cast all of the major players in something like this, because as any Lifetime movie guru will tell you, the secondary characters are always the most interesting.  Who are these background players sleeping with?  Do they have criminal records?  Which of them packs heat and which of them packs a mean junk-punch?  So don't look for the roles of Michelle Obama and Joe Biden to be filled here, because that's not what this or any other television movie is about.  We all saw what went wrong with Liz & Dick, did we not?  I think it's best to just stick to making up our own characters.

So here it is, folks.  Your pop culture guide to the fiscal cliff, in the form of a Lifetime movie.  Mary Catherine Gallagher would be so proud.

(Lead photo: Tumblr)