Essential Things Everyone Should Know Before Getting Their First Tattoo

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Tattoos may be more popular and less taboo than ever. Our favorite celebs like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Ed Sheeran, among many others, have been seen with some head-turning ink. Professional settings are becoming more open about having tattoos exposed at work, meaning from a social standpoint — there's a lot less risk involved in the decision to get tatted up. Tattoos are an awesome way to express yourself, curate art on your body and can be fun just to have.

But, getting your first tattoo can be a bit intimidating. Knowing what to expect and how to go about the process can help you feel more confident in getting inked for the first time. So, if you're considering going under the needle — using your body as a canvas for some sweet new art, that is — these are the most important things one should know beforehand so the first time can be as painless (mentally and physically) as possible.

It'll hurt more/less depending on your pain tolerance

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Tattoos are painful, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. They kind of feel like getting scratched over and over again. However, some people can handle pain better than others. If you don't have a high pain tolerance, start with a smaller tattoo so that you know that you can handle the pain. Knowing what kind of discomfort you can tolerate may also determine where you decide to get your tat as different parts of the body hurt more or less than others.