18 Essentials You Need In Your Very First Apartment

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A sure sign you are an official adult is when you sign the dotted line for your very first apartment. Having your first apartment, whether you have a roommate or are flying solo, is a big accomplishment. You are finally on your own and have to pay bills, clean, do laundry and maybe even host your first dinner party.

Long gone are the days of a college dorm or your childhood room at your parents. While some of the apartments featured on sitcoms these days are total #apartmentgoals, at times they can be a bit unrealistic. There is no need to feel anxious about this new responsibility, though. Pat yourself on the back, pour yourself a glass of wine and get to online shopping to deck out your new digs. These 18 things will help you settle in nicely in your first apartment.

1. Coffee Pot

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You never quite get over the luxury of a hot cup of coffee early in the morning. Having a coffee pot, especially one with an automatic timer setting is a Godsend. Whether you are brewing a one cup, four cup, or a 12 cup pot, having a coffee maker in your first apartment is a necessity and totally makes you a grown up. Just think, you can ask your first house guest if they want you to brew a pot of coffee.