Catch Up With The Year In Movies With Filmography 2012, Just In Time For Awards Season

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In case you spent much of the past twelve months foolishly living your life instead of going to the movies every night at $12 a pop, you might be a little behind on the year in movies. I know that definitely happened to me, as the announcement of the Golden Globe nominations this morning informed me that I've seen exactly zero of the nominees for Best Picture. Or almost any category. (I do, however, find time for four separate cities' worth of Real Housewives, so all is still right in the world.)

But 'tis the season for compilations and year-end mixes and mash-ups, so it's easy to catch back up with life and the world right from your beanbag chair! Goddamnit. You mean to tell me that no one sits in beanbag chairs anymore? How long have I not been paying attention? But regardless, this particular compilation, Filmography 2012, is extraordinarily helpful if you're planning on going to a cocktail party or a work event anytime soon, because it gives you tasteful little talking points, already all bundled up and separated by theme. There's a whole series of fire clips, and underwater scenes, and depressed people, etcetera. The list goes on and on.

So if someone were to come up to me at a party and say, “Well my my, aren't you attractive! As long as you've seen Skyfall, I'd love to buy you a drink and make you my paramour!”, I'd panic for a moment, and then remember my compilation training. “Why yes,” I'd say, “I especially loved that part when Daniel Craig was underwater. And also the part where Adele sang the theme song. I can't wait to begin our life together.” See? You never know when a brief, rudimentary knowledge of four seconds of a movie will be the difference between happiness on the arm of a silver fox, and going home alone to a pants-less evening with Ben and Jerry.