The 20 Best Examples Of The #FilmPrequels Hashtag On Twitter

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Tom Hiddleston ehehehe


Not since #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK has a Twitter hashtag entertained me as much as #FilmPrequels. I first noticed it trending last night and got a good giggle out of perusing the tweets. Then this morning I woke up to discover that it was still trending. That's because it's absolutely hilarious. The idea is that you tweet the title of a made-up prequel to a famous movie. Usually it's just a funny play on the title and doesn't always make sense in terms of plot, but that's okay. My favorites are the ones where it takes you a second to figure out what movie they're referring to, and then suddenly you realize and get very excited.

There are lots and lots of excellent examples to be found by searching the hashtag, but before you do, check out these twenty hilarious examples we found. You might assume these prequels will never be made, but in this day and age, when Hollywood releases movies based on musicals that were based on movies that were based on books, I wouldn't totally rule it out. Oh Twitter, you never cease to amuse me.

What's taking that last president's man so long to get there? Is he stuck in traffic?

This one involves some math.

So true to life.

I've heard it's so much more suspenseful than the original.

This one makes my inner film student giggle.

Sure, it's more of a “before and after” type thing, but that poster's pretty great.

In which we're not totally sure yet if there will be blood.

I mean, that's logically what comes before it. Makes total sense.

Get it? Because those things come before those other things. You get it.

Ooh, Hollister took some time off from undressing mannequins to get in on the fun.

Who doesn't love some good laundry humor on a Friday afternoon?

Let's face it, IKEA jokes never get old.


I saw a few Hunger Games suggestions but this was by far my favorite.

For all you '90s rom-com fans out there.

Let's get Ashton Kutcher on the phone and make this happen.

I saw a few of these. Made me smile every time.

Ain't it the truth.

I mean, really. Where'd it go?

So I guess that's just Tomorrow, but then it wouldn't be as funny.