5 Facts About Eloise Mumford, The Latest Addition To The Fifty Shades Of Grey Cast

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Eloise Mumford

Is it just me, or is the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trying to set the record for casting a movie at a snail-like pace?  I understand the film has gone through a few upheavals, what with Charlie Hunnam‘s departure and the addition of Jamie Dornan as a replacement, and the postponing of the release date to Valentine's Day, 2015.  But I mean, come on.  I keep forgetting the movie hasn't even been fully cast yet – which, now that I think about it, could very well be the intention of the studio.  Because it's making me care about the film.  Damn it.

Anyhoo.  The much-coveted role (I assume it was coveted, but really I just like saying that phrase) of Anastasia Steele's roomate, Kate Kavanaugh, has been given to actress Eloise Mumford.  “Wait, who?” I hear you asking.  Right.  Well, here you go:

1. She's actually from the Northwest.
The book takes place in Seattle, Washington (Even though all of the characters use British slang becase…bad editing.) and Eloise was born and raised in the state of Washington.

2. Six Degrees of Miley
She starred in a direct-to-video (Wait, they still make those? Are the Olsen twins in it?) film with Miley Cyrus called So Undercover.  Omg, I need to YouTube this immediately.

3. She hasn't had a whole lot of luck with television.
Eloise has starred in two short-lived TV shows: Lone Star and The River.  Hopefully her gig as Kate in Fifty Shades helps her career, since she's not the one getting naked and whipped and stuff.

4. She starts filming next week!
Fifty Shades is set to (finally, Jesus) begin filming next week in Vancouver.  As inane as this film has lots of potential to be, I couldn't imagine getting cast in it and having one week to prepare, regardless of whether I was the lead or not.  Golf claps for Eloise.

5. She once was an understudy for Peggy Olson! In other news, I like exclamation points!!
During her time as a student at NYU, Eloise understudied Elizabeth Moss in a David Mamet production.  Pretty cool stuff!

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