Anyone Else Creeped Out By This 50 Shades Of Elizabeth Olsen Facebook Fan Page?

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I know we've all  gone Fifty Shades of Grey casting crazy, but this 50 Shades of Elizabeth Olsen Facebook Fan Page is just too much. Well, except for the 8 people who like it. For them it's apparently just enough.

Apparently these 8 people want Elizabeth Olsen to be Anastasia Steele so badly that they created a Facebook fan page to promote their cause. I suppose in the hopes that if people see quotes from the book superimposed over her face, that they'll suddenly realize she's just perfect for the part.

Or they'll realize that some people are so obsessed with seeing Elizabeth Olsen as Anastasia Steele, that they've relocated to a house on the corner of Creepy and Really!?

You don't see me creating 50 Shades of Rupert Grint fan pages, even though I think he'd be PERFECT for the part of Christian Grey. Then again, I haven't read the book, so I might be a little off with my casting ideas. My friends did give me quite the side eye when I suggested that Sally Field play Anastasia Steele. Sorry I'm not sorry for not being an ageist. And for supporting Boniva health bone growth for post-menopausal women.

Back to Elizabeth Olsen. She'll never take the part. This movie's way too mainstream for her tastes. It's much more Ashley Olsen. Maybe even Mary-Kate Olsen. Possibly even their eldest brother Trent Olsen. But it's most certainly not a role for Lizzy Olsen.

Unless they change her name to Anastasia May Marlene and turn it into a psychological thriller.