The Obsessed Fans Of Fifty Shades Of Grey Do All The Hard Casting Work By Finding The Perfect Anastasia Steele

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The producers of Fifty Shades of Grey movie sure are lucky to be creating a film with such an enthusiastic fan base. While the Hollywood behind-the-scenes people spend their time trying to the best screenwriter, the fans are hard at work casting the perfect actors. After all, not just anybody can play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, the two most iconic characters in  literature right now. Suck on that Charles Dickens.

And that's not an exaggeration since the book's now the number one selling book ever in Britain. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger who? This time around we don't need magic to make us read. We just need anal plugs.

This morning a superfan from the Facebook group “Fifty Shades Obsessed” emailed me to let me know that they'd finally found the perfect actress to play Anastasia Steele. It's not Elizabeth Olsen and it's not Emma Watson. It's Lauren Watson, an unknown actress who they think has just the right eyes — the infamous blue eyes that are too big for her face.

With 7829 likes and 73 shares, it's clear that Lauren Watson's a well-liked fan favorite for the role. However while her eyes may be perfect for the part, her acting skills may be lacking. Or they may not.

It's hard to tell because according to her page, her biggest role was as “Sweater Set Girl” in This Means War. On one hand, she could be a phenomenal up-and-coming actress who pulls off the role magnificently. On the other hand, she could be cast purely for her looks and lack in the talent department.

So the question to all the Fifty Shades of Grey fans out there who want her cast is do you prefer an Anastasia who fits the role aesthetically or one who embodies it correctly? Lauren Watson could be both, but from the looks of her IMDB page, it seems too early to tell.