The Daily WTF: This Animated Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer Recreates The Book’s Shudder-Inducing Tampon Scene

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Fifty Shades of Grey animated trailer tampon scene Chapter 23 wtfFifty Shades of Grey has certainly created an odd fandom whose members make tribute videos starring Twilight actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and even write their own fanfiction for the erotic trilogy. But this new video is utterly disturbing: It's an animated “trailer” for Fifty Shades that looks to have been made with Sims characters.

Look, I'll admit that as a weird little preteen fan in the early '00s I would use my Sims games to make little avatars of my favorite characters. And yeah, I'd act out whatever Buffy or House fanfiction I wrote at the time because it is more fun than just putting words on a page. But the little psychodramas I acted out where innocent; they weren't a BDSM romance where the guy yanks out the girl's tampon so they can have sex.

Oh, you didn't know that that's a pivotal scene from Fifty Shades? Yeah, neither did I until I watched this video. Apparently in Chapter 23 Christian Grey decides that he must have Anastasia Steele even though she, the dolt, forgot to inform him that she'd started her period the day before. Never has “Hold on to the sink” sounded so ominous!

To be fair, YouTuber Philiafelice seems to be going for parody, what with her snide commentary along with the trailer. (“Sound familiar?” and “Your inner goddess will jump for joy!”) Still, I now know everything I need to know about this novel. And I agree with Movieline, I can't wait to see how they tackle that scene in the movie.