Fergie Shows Ellen Pictures Of Her Son Axl, Who Is So Cute It Should Be Illegal

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Fergie Shows Ellen Pictures Of Her Son Axl  Who Is So Cute It Should Be Illegal Fergie Ellen Axl picture October 2014 jpg

I try not to play favorites with celebrity children, because they’re all sweet and adorable and dress way, way better than I ever will. But there are some celebrity kids who are just so cute I can’t figure out how it’s even allowed. Like, how has no one written up a law prohibiting such adorableness from gracing our television and computer screens? One of those kids is Axl Jack Duhamel, son of Fergie and Josh Duhamel.

Fergie brought photos of Axl to share on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and I honestly don’t know how they got past the censors. In one of the pictures, which you can see above, he’s wearing a backwards baseball cap that says his name on it. Then the other picture they share is a paparazzi shot, and it looks like Axl is flipping the bird, and I never thought I’d be so charmed by a baby giving the finger. It’s probably partly because he’s wearing a mini sailor outfit while doing it.

Probably my favorite part of any photos of Axl is how much he looks like both of his parents. Usually when I see photos of babies, celebrity or not, I don’t really see either parent in their face, at least not until they reach a certain age. But Axl looks like such a combo of Fergie and Josh, which is a good combination to have. And as if all that cuteness weren’t enough already, Fergie says Josh brings Axl to her dance rehearsals, and Axl dances to the music. Please never show me a video of this, Fergie. Imagining it is quite enough. If I ever see a video, I just might die on the spot. Actually, it’s totally worth it. SHOW ME THE VIDEO!