16 Homemade Crafts You Can Buy to Prove You’re A Bad Ass Feminist

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Tired of dealing with misogynists? Trying to let people know that you are not here for toxic masculinity and patriarchal values? Looking for a way to show the world that you're a bad ass feminist, but you're just not sure how? Look no further. We've rounded up 16 homemade, feminist crafts from artists all over the world.

Not only will these pins, shirts, prints and other goodies show off your feminist ideals, but your purchase will support artists instead of big, evil corporations. Plus — fun historical context alert — crafts such as pillows and cross-stitches were typically not considered “real” art because they're traditionally created by women, which make these feminist crafts an even bigger F-you to the patriarchy! So, feminist killjoys and nasty women unite — it's time to get crafty!