The Best Memes Inspired By Felix Baumgartner’s 23-Mile Jump

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best Felix Baumgartner memes Gangnam Style gif

Yesterday, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner hurtled from over 120,000 feet up in space, breaking the sound barrier and landing into our hearts. Because I was at New York Comic-Con all weekend, I'm only just watching the video, but no lie, I couldn't breathe during it. And I wasn't the one suspended above Earth's stratosphere in a tiny capsule wearing only an astronaut's suit and some parachutes! Seriously, watch the video.

It's probably best that I only caught up with this today, because that gave the internet enough time to come up with memes. Well, some of these are memes in the traditional sense, utilizing Conspiracy Keanu, Awkward '60s Spider-Man, and other jokes. Others are technically image macros, a photo with white text above and below. All of them are hilarious, and I think you'll enjoy them.

In approximate order of Felix's jump and everyone's reactions to it, I present the best memes.

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