Bikini Beautiful Week: Feel Fabulous With The Perfect Shave, Brought To You By BIC Soleil’s Razors

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Bikini Beautiful Week is sponsored by BIC Soleil, the razor that’s just as bright and colorful as you are. Get bikini ready this summer with a flawlessly smooth shave from BIC Soleil. For special offers and to learn more, visit

Amazing weather that isn’t too hot or too cold? Check. The most perfect shorts, skirt, or dress? Awesome, thanks. Now all you need is a good shave. Here are some things that you can do to get the perfect shave so that you can make the most of every warm day to come.

DO: Figure out the right angle.

Not only does hair grow in the most inconvenient places, but it also grows in a ton of different directions. Hair is such a jerk, I know. So when you’re shaving places like your legs, try to stick to vertical strokes. Conversely, when shaving areas with thicker hair like the bikini area, horizontal moves usually get the job done.

DON’T: Let your blades get dull.

It’s super important that you replace your razor once you notice that your blades are getting dull. If you try to keep your razor alive longer than you should, you risk irritating your skin.

DO: Take your time.

It makes sense that shaving isn’t the best time to choose to cut corners when you consider the fact that you’re applying an actual razor to your actual skin. Take it slow, ladies. And speaking of taking your time…

DON’T: Forget about your body’s natural contours.

It’s so easy to speed through shaving and ignore the fact that places like your kneecaps, armpits and bikini line aren’t as flat as other places on your body and require more attention. Be gentle or you’ll be buying Band-Aids for your nicks and scabs the next day.

DO: Choose the razor that best suits you.

When someone inevitably marvels at how you managed to get your skin to be so soft and hairless, smile to yourself and know that it’s because you know that the best razors do the best job. But like little snowflakes, no two razors are exactly the same. That’s why it’s honestly the best when a brand offers a bunch of options so that you can find your favorite type of razor, like BIC Soleil does. So spend some you time figuring out which razor is best for you and then make everyone feel how smooth your skin is. You know they all want to, anyway.

This post is sponsored by
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