Your Horoscope For The Month of February | ASTROLOGY

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As Aquarius season continues, it’s time to reflect on how you’ve communicated and collaborated with your peers. Mars is in fire sign Sagittarius, meaning there will be new conquests, motivations, and a “just wing it” mentality. Beware of short-tempered and impatient tendencies!

On the 31st of January, the full moon in Leo, combined with the first total lunar eclipse of the year will encourage us to seek a conclusion or climax, and a clean-slate for emotional turmoil. During this full moon, it’s unlikely that certain endings in relationships and situations will reopen! Major themes include the roles of women in society, the home, and the workplace. Standing out and seeking recognition are major themes this transit. When Pisces season begins on the 18th and both Venus and Mercury follow suit, there will be a soft, compassionate, and selfless energy motivating our actions. It's the month of pay it forward!