Our Favorite Funny Woman Of The Week You Need To Know: Retta

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Retta Screening of NBC's The Voice Season 4 March 20 2013 US

Okay, maybe that title is misleading because surely you already know of the greatness that is Retta. She's a stand up comedienne, although you probably recognize her as Donna “Treat Yo' Self” Meagle on Parks and Recreation. Don't pretend that you haven't spent many a primetime laughing out loud at her on that show because I know that you have, okay? There is no use in pretending, we're all friends here. I (probably) don't have a surveillance system set up in your house but she is just that great on it that I'm totally comfortable in the correctness of that assumption.

First, let’s talk about how fab she is from head to toe, but especially so in the beauty department.  If you, too, admire her makeup, you can totally steal part of her look with COVERGIRL‘s amazing new Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm. And by amazing I mean it contains essential lip conditioners that keep your lips moisturized with sheer color and a hint of shine.

So, okay, you know that much about her, but I'm about to tell you even more. Possibly, even the most. Because a Retta a day keeps the doctor away and no one likes doctors unless they are good-looking and needle-free. So allow me to administer today's dose of Retta.

Here is probably my favorite two minutes of Retta-ness because she combines crying at times when most people aren't (a special talent of mine) with mom jokes (my second special talent). Also, Conan O'Brien is there, and I just love him to pieces. Just have a looksie for yourself. Am I allowed to say, “have a looksie”? If not, take a gander. And, if that's still not allowed, then we're all out of luck here because those are the only words that I know.

First off, Retta graduated from Duke University with a degree in the field of pharmaceutical research study. She is, yet another, comedian who serves as proof of my theory that you have to be extremely intelligent to be funny. I don't know why those two things are correlated because I usually prefer to forego actual research in order to watch television reruns. Also, did you know that she is the niece of the first female Liberian leader? And also, also that she's in a relationship with Joe Manganiello? Okay, maybe not the last one so much, but the first two are real life fun facts that are very real and, also, very fun.

If you want your days to be filled with, not only sunshine and rainbows, but also live tweeting of every awesome TV show ever, you'd be crazy not to follow Retta on Twitter @unfoRETTAble and on Instagram @unfoRETTAble, as well.

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