Favorite Celeb Look Of The Week

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Man of Steel European Premiere

So, I've been frantically searching for the next girl celeb I plan on stalking this week, and when I say stalk, I mean try to do voodoo magic to become her. I've chosen Kat Graham for many reasons including the fact that she plays my fave character on the CW's Vampire Diaries (I just wish she'd be Stefan Salvatore's next love interest). Kat is my favorite look of the week because she takes risky fashion choices that I'll be busy trying to (unsuccessfully) pull off. Kat's fashion sense and flawless, natural beauty makes her hands down the celeb I'm dying to be! COVERGIRL: The FLAMED OUT™ COLLECTION can help you achieve this look. Its high color payoff amps up the volume on any eye look. The shadow comes in 12 fierce, expressive shades to instantly heat up any look. Simply apply, smudge and blend for smoky, flamed out perfection.

What I like most about Kat is that she's never afraid to take some fashion risks, which is hard for me to do in my own life, especially since I tend to wear the same sweatpants four days in a row. I mean if I could get away with wearing a neon catsuit, trust me I would do it in a heartbeat. For the sake of not being misidentified as a crazy person, I must stick to jeans and a t-shirt… At least I have a stylish celeb like Kat Graham to take all the fashion risks (minus the catsuit) for me! It's nothing new to see Kat wearing black or dark, subdued colors on the red carpet.  In the above picture, Kat chooses a conservative, yet, elegant dress. We see her rosy cheeks and bare lips, which proves she isn't a girl who needs a ton of makeup to look fabulous. Her skin has a natural glow and she wears just enough makeup without over doing it. Way to go Kat!

I plan on going shopping like toooday and finding an identical dress asap. If I can look even remotely similar to my new fashion idol, Kat Graham, I will do everything in my power to do so. I love how she embraces dark colors by including pieces that have texture like lace or fringe, and then adds a pop of gold on her shoes and earrings to mix up her black ensemble. My favorite thing about Kat's look is that, as far as her makeup and hair, she proves less is more. You don't have to wear bright eyeshadow or dye your hair red to make a statement (trust me I tried that in 3rd grade). Kat's face looks natural and fresh.. So next time you're going out with friends, on a date, or to class, remember to mix up your more conservative style with some riskier fashion choices. They might pay off! Take Kat's style for inspiration!


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