16 Podcasts Every Fashion Girl Should Be Listening To

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In recent years podcasts have become huge. Whether you’re hearing about a suspenseful murder or one of the many members of Bachelor Nation talk about whatever, there’s a podcast out there for *literally* everyone. Plus they’re a great way to pass time without feeling like you're not doing anything with your life. Long commute? Lying by the pool? Procrastinating on your work? There’s a podcast for all of the above.

For all my fellow fashion ladies out there, there are tons of fashion related podcasts to check out too. Some of these cover the latest trends, some interview fashion icons, and some just occasionally cover the fashion world, but most are worth a download. Here are 16 fashion podcasts you should definitely download (and listen to!) ASAP!

Oh Boy by Manrepeller

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Man Repeller

If you love fashion then you’ve probably heard of Manrepeller. But, have you tuned into the podcast yet? Jay Buim, of Manrepeller, sits down each week with different women from the fashion and arts industry. What ensues are funny interviews and snippets of valuable information. Check out the first interview with the creator of Manrepeller herself, Leandra Medine. We’re sure you’ll get hooked.