Live, Laugh, Links: Farrah Abraham And Charlie Sheen Are Doing What? And, More Importantly, WHY?

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• I’ve never had a neighbor who was anything but old, creepy, or a combination of the two. But in case you’ve been so lucky, here’s how to snag your hot neighbor and never, ever let them go. (Blog With Benefits)

• Did you guys know that once you’re in a relationship, you officially have to do every single thing with your boyf/girlf? That’s how relationships work, isn’t it? (Ladyish)

• I will absolutely die if Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen are hooking up. *Dieeeee*, I tell you. (Your Tango)

• To add to the very long list of things that you can hire someone to do for you, —like finish your homework or paint your house— you can now hire someone to do all of that pesky online dating for you. This really seems like a win-win situation. (The Frisky)

• These 10 songs about fathers are genuinely disturbing and kind of make me want to curl in a ball and listen to Daughter by Loudon Wainwright on a loop. (Flavorwire)

• In other news about groups of 10, here are 10 fictional characters who were hit hard with the unforgiving stick that is the Friendzone. (Gurl)

• Olivier Martinez rubs the belly that contains the world’s future Most Beautiful Baby, because it will be a delicious combination his and Halle Berry’s genes. (ET Online)

• Test your hipster-y knowledge of movies. Oh, excuse me; *films*. (Ok Gorgeous)

• Whether or not you love someone is not important if you aren’t happy in that relationship. That’s why I had to break things off with Justin Timberlake; I just wasn’t happy with the fact that he’s a married man. (The College Crush)

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