16 Farmhouse Decor Ideas that Joanna Gaines Would Swoon Over

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If the change of season is making you want to switch up your decor in your apartment or home, you are not alone. The farmhouse fad is all the rage right now and we have Chip and Joanna Gaines and their Fixer Upper family to thank for that. (They are total #relationshipgoals, BTW.)
We can't help but love the dynamic duo and their ever-evolving inspiration, upbeat attitudes and the different spins they put on the once simple farmhouse style. Next date night; grab your S.O., a paint brush and hammer to get a jump on these 16 farmhouse inspired decor ideas.

1. Gallery Wall

Doesn't this just scream “homey farmhouse”? Old family photos, mirrors, arrows, and signs can give a blank wall life. Pinterest has all kinds of tutorials and layouts to create a balanced gallery wall layout to prevent a cluttered disaster.