Fan Performs “Open Letter to Stephen Fry” Live, for Stephen Fry

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At this site, we advocate crushes — it's in our name, after all — so even though this celebrity is out of the range of what we usually cover, I couldn't resist posting this video. You might recognize Stephen Fry from his appearances on TV shows like Bones, or cameos in V for Vendetta and Alice in Wonderland (he voiced the Cheshire Cat). But if not, know simply that he is a sweet-natured, witty British man.

Just last month, Fry tweeted Internet musician¬†Molly Lewis‘ “Open Letter to Stephen Fry” video, in which she sweetly asked the star, despite his sexual orientation, to let her carry his child. He laughed it off, but then forces converged to bring Lewis to a Harvard event in late February, honoring Fry with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Fry introduces her, knowing full well who she is, and then laughs in amused embarrassment through her performance. The sweetest part comes at the end, when he gives her a hug and she says, “It's a rhetorical question; you don't have to answer!” Lewis represents nicely for fans: She's earnest but never obnoxious or overstepping her bounds. Kudos to Harvard for booking her.

And if the lyrics to “Open Letter to Stephen Fry” have charmed you as much as us, you can buy the track on iTunes.