8 Famously Bad Celeb Hairstyles We’re Still Not Over

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Celebrities are just like us, right? Wrong. I believe this statement as much as I believe pigs can fly or I'll marry Ryan Gosling. No matter how many times a magazine spread shows a famous person in the grocery store, I don't buy that they deal with ALL of the same issues us normal folks do. Case in point: the hairstyle. When a regular girl gets a bad haircut, she cries in front of the mirror every time she gets a glimpse of herself.  When a celeb does something wacky with her hair, people just can't get enough! Even if it's horrible, people still want more more! The perfect example of this phenmomnemon is Kate Gosselin. It was seriously hard to make sense of her hairstyle on Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I imagine I was not alone in wondering how her cropped, multi-colored, multi-length bob came to be.

In honor of the reality mom returning to TV this summer, we decided to call out some of the other celebs who have made famously bad hair moves.

Nysnc bad hair

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My *NSYNC poster still hangs in my childhood bedroom, but these looks were ‘tearin' up my heart then and they continue to do so now. While I'm always thrilled when one of their songs comes on the radio, I'm even more thrilled that the guys said “bye bye bye” to the ramen curls and braids and whatever else was living on the top of their head.

2. Pauly D


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The Jersey Shore launched 7 Jersey kids (er, some were New Yorkers) into instant fame. But while their status at the club went to MVP, I can't say their looks went with it. For people who spent so much time in the mirror doing GTL, they should have realized their hair needed the most attention. Pauly's the one I'm calling out because I can't decide what's more painful: admitting I watched the show or admitting that I'm scared to touch his spiky do.

3. Keri Russell

Keri Russell Short Hair

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Hindsight is 20/20, but I feel like people should have warned Keri Russell before this move. Her decision to chop her gorgeous curly locks during Felicity is basically the reason why the show ended. How dare she think she was in control of her own look? While hair does grow back, it couldn't come back fast enough for this show to continue.

4. Miley Cyrus


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Miley certainly creates trends instead of follows them, and her decision to go short and blonde was only the beginning of her transformation. From the “foam finger” incident to her weed-covered leotard, everything is just wrong after wrong after wrong. The funny part is, while her controversial haircut was talked about at dinner tables around the world, it now seems to be the tamest thing she's done.

5. Christina Aguilera


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Christina's never been one to look the same for TOO long, and I give her kudos for being bold (helloooo Moulin Rouge), but I HIGHLY doubt a guy would same ‘come on over' to this multi-colored dreads look.

6. Carrot Top
carrot top bad hair
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He's sported the same orange look for years and his persona centers around his mop top, so he's obviously committed to the neon curls. This begs the question: has he ever thought of cutting his hair? This is not a rhetorical question

7. Anne Hathaway


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Anne Hathaway originally cut her hair for Les Miserables, so you have to feel for her a little bit for not exactly choosing to go short. It was her decision, though, to go blonde at last year's Met Ball. I think she knew it wasn't the best move, as she was back to brunette in less than a month.

8. Russell Brand
russell brand bad hair
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I will admit that his super dirty grunge hair fits with his Brand X style, but I can't look at him without wanting to throw him in the shower. It must have worked for Katy Perry though, seeing as they were married for over a year. The strange thing is that he's one of the rare people I think actually looks better with long hair. Clean and composed for Russell Brand? I think not.

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