The Only Thing This Family Feud Lady Knows About Zombies Is They’re Black And She’s Dumb

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Steve Harvey and Christie racist Family Feud answer November 2013(via)

Considering that Family Feud is a game show that puts you on the spot, it's not hard to end up saying something embarrassing under pressure, but I've never seen anything quite like the answer this lady Christie gives in the clip I just watched.

Christie and the other contestant are at the podium, waiting for Steve Harvey to announce the category so they can start guessing the things that most people said about it. I want to be clear that nothing has been said yet. The board is completely clear, so there are absolutely no restrictions to work around. You can guess the most obvious answer because you are the very first person to guess. And — additional bonus! — if you don't have a guess, you don't have to buzz in at all. You can just stand there blushing while the other family takes over the board.

These options are all available to you, so I'm gonna need to know why you didn't take either of them, and instead, once Steve said, “Name something you know about zombies,” why did you buzz in and say, “Black.” WHY DID YOU DO THAT? And then once that nonsense was out of your mouth and Steve and the audience and the other team had laughed at you incredulously, why did you choose to clarify with, “Well I don't know if they're white, or…”

And even after that, after you'd made clear it was definitely a race thing and not a ‘they walk around in the dark of night so it's pitch black when they're around' thing, WHY DID YOU CONTINUE TO PRETEND IT WAS GONNA BE UP ON THE BOARD. Why? When no one has even said ‘they're DEAD' yet.

My god, woman. I have to agree with Steve on this one — “You shut up, lady.” Meanwhile I will watch it fourteen more times for all the amazingly uncomfortable reaction shots. Awkward City and you are the mayor.