Fame Wore: Shaka Zulu All Night Long!

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Fame Wore  Shaka Zulu All Night Long  shaka zulu party outside 03 wenn29511512 510x445 jpgI’ve had the privilege of going to London several times in my life … mostly as a layover for Paris Fashion Week, but also because Savile Row? Gieves & Hawkes? All the hottest, most expensive designers for men come straight from Great (Britain, that is!). I’ve been in London all week, trying to scout out some more intriguing couture after last week’s Comic-Con, which I’m now convinced we’ll be seeing on the runways next season. Luckily, last night I hit the jackpot, albeit inadvertently, when a drunk, tattooed tranny – or “lady of the night” as they are called here – literally grabbed me off the street and demanded that I come with her to something called the Shaka Zulu opening. I still have no idea what Shaka Zulu (a fashion line?) is, but the bar it was held in was filled wall to wall in leopard prints and wildlife. I snagged a couple of photos, including one with my new best tranny friend who I swear to god had the most ridiculous last name ever, and also, I think the King that James Earl Jones‘ based his character in that Eddie Murphy movie was there.

(Photos via WENN)