16 Delicious Fall Cocktails to Try this Season

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Why yes, Martha, I believe you do hear a cocktail calling. Summer isn’t the only season that gets to claim fun, fruity adult beverages. Autumn is the season of apples, pumpkins, and hard liquor that can be shaken (or stirred, you’re not James Bond) into a cocktail to warm you from the inside out — especially when served hot.

Just like we provided alternatives to rosé to spice up your summer, we’re giving pumpkin spice lattes the boot to make room for drinks that will kick fall up a notch. Though alcoholic pumpkin spice drinks are still on our list to imbibe this beautiful season, pumpkin is not the only fall flavor we’re craving.

Whether you prefer light liquor or dark, cold cocktails or warm, there’s something for every autumn evening that calls for a more exciting drink than a basic pumpkin beer or a boring glass of red. Try all 16 cocktails to make this fall — which one is your favorite?