A Fake Chef Gets Reporters To Eat Gross Food, Showing How Far People Will Go To Stay Professional

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Fake chef morning show prank gross food

Did you ever play Truth or Dare at a sleepover and tell your friends to eat some awful concoction you put together from a bunch of random refrigerator ingredients? That's basically what fake chef Keith Guerke did to these reporters on Midwest morning shows over the holidays. He posed as a foodie with a book to promote and shared his secrets for making delicious meals out of leftovers. Mmm, nothing like a creamy gravy milkshake or an ice cream cone with mashed potatoes and corn sprinkles.

You're definitely going to want to watch these reporters struggle to remain polite and professional as Keith encourages them that milk cartons filled with liquified meat and vegetables are delicious. He even throws a feces comment in there to make it super appetizing. There's simply nothing more satisfying and hilarious than witnessing a person so clearly struggling with this kind of internal dilemma: “Will I lose my job if I don't eat this right now? Is this a prank? Where did this guy come from? When is Jimmy Kimmel gonna pop up and take credit for this? Why am I doing this right now? Is this really happening? How did it come to this? WHEN WILL THIS BE OVER?”

You'll want to stay tuned all the way to the end to see Keith cleverly cancel his (obviously nonexistent) book signing because the books haven't come in yet. And it's all worth it to watch that completely oblivious weatherman declare the segment a success with absolutely zero irony. Of course, this is actually a prank by Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, who plays Chef Keith. They created the Found Footage Festival, which starts this week. The morning shows were apparently desperate for holiday programming, hence why they welcomed a guy blending day-old KFC (yeah, that's what it was) into a shake. I love this. I love this so much.