Crushable Quotable: Ezra Miller Thinks Having ‘Gay Moments’ Is Totally Normal

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We Need to Talk About Kevin star Ezra Miller is getting a lot of press for saying stuff like it is. For instance, when talking about how he got busted for marijuana, he said, “My parents had been gritting their teeth for that phone call for a long, long time.” He brings that same frankness to a recent interview with Next magazine (via ONTD), where he candidly admits to having had some same-sex encounters growing up.

What's more shocking is not the experiences he alludes to, but how normal he thinks they are:

I've had many, you know, ‘happy ending sleepovers’ in my early youth. My period of exploration—I think that’s essential. Anyone who hasn’t had a gay moment is probably trying to avoid some confrontation with a reality in their life.

This shouldn't be such a surprise when you consider how many queer roles Ezra has played: A chubby chaser in City Island and gay kids in Every Day and the upcoming The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In Perks, he plays Emma Watson‘s gay older brother Patrick, who has a secret boyfriend. “Patrick has a boyfriend that he keeps a secret,” Ezra explained, “because the guy’s closeted and ashamed. He’s the high school quarterback. One of those.”

It makes sense that Ezra would be so comfortable discussing his sexuality, as he had to do a pretty intense scene in Kevin. It's only a fleeting moment, but a powerful one, when Eva (Tilda Swinton) walks in on Kevin masturbating and he just smirks at her and keeps going.

And what do you know, I found the scene (probably NSFW):

Yep, doesn't get any easier to watch. Props to Ezra for taking on these uncomfortable roles.