16 of the Most Over-the-Top Christmas Displays in the Country

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After the high-strung chaos of Black Friday, the pumpkin bender continues but shifts to gingerbread, Santa Claus inflatables begin to appear in front yards, and reindeer car antlers flood the streets. There are those who embrace the Christmas spirit before the calendar hits December 1, and others who don’t put up a fake tree until the week of. Whether you’re a Griswald, a Scrooge, or somewhere in between the two, it’s always a worthwhile outing to enjoy an impressive display of lights. What sounds better than a free night out with a to-go thermos of hot chocolate (or spiked apple cider?!) and the company of family or friends?

From coast to coast, we give you a list of the most extravagantly Christmas decorated homes and establishments in the country. Trust us, even if you’re committed to skipping Christmas this year like the Kranks, you’ll want to check these out. Bring a pair of shades if you can’t handle the glow-up though!