20 Perfect Excuses for When You Really Just Don’t Want to Go Out

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We've all been there. You're hours away from the time you agreed to go on that date or get dinner/drinks with your friends and suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of dread. You don't want to go anymore! You changed your mind, but you don't know how to tell them that you no longer want to hang out.

Do you have good, valid excuses? Of course not! You just want to stay home with your dog and continue marathoning Friends for the seventeenth time. And that's okay! Do you tell your friends that you would rather hang with Chandler and Monica than with them? Do you tell them that you're too lazy to put on pants? No, you tell them a made-up excuse that they can't argue with. Some of us have FOMO (fear of missing out) and some of us are totally cool with missing out, but just need the perfect excuse to do so. We got you covered with the best excuses for when you simply don't want to go out but need a ~white lie~ to get out of it.