17 Times Twitter Users Had the Best Responses to Every Day Misogyny

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If you ever feel overwhelmed, exhausted or just straight-up furious at the amount of day-to-day misogyny you seem to face, you're not the only one! It can be hard to fight the constant shaming, mansplaining, objectification and belittlement that comes with being a woman. Every now and then you may feel like you're alone in your constant frustration, but trust us — we're all right there with you. That's why we've found 17 of the funniest feminist tweets in response to the daily misogyny that can be difficult to respond to IRL.

1. This call out of “male feminists”

There’s a big difference between saying you’re a feminist and actually being one. How annoying is it when a dude understands how harmful his actions are, and just talks about it but then doesn’t do anything? These are the kind of sneaky sad boys who seem ultra-feminist and understanding but are just as bad as the rest of ‘em. If you’re gonna act like every other misogynist, at least save me some time and be straightforward about it pls.