The 17 Most Millennial-Friendly European Cities

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For millennials, travel not only needs to be affordable but the destination also needs to be appealing. This means fun activities, tons of places to see so you won't get bored, plus vast and diverse options for restaurants, clubs, and cafes. The same applies if you also happen to be looking for a new international place to live. If you're looking for an exciting life change, or want to take a memorable vacation, Europe should be on everyone's travel list!

Europe has an extremely rich cultural history since it was built hundreds of years before the good old USA popped up. You'll see buildings, homes, and churches that will amaze you with both their architecture, their age and their historical significance. Experiencing a culture you've never witnessed before and being awestruck by the different landscapes is something that is just purely healthy for your soul. TBH we should all go to Europe tomorrow. If you're lucky enough to make your way across the Atlantic, here are the 17 most millennial-friendly cities across the way to either visit or even live in!