Crush Links: Emma Watson Might Be Getting Married, At Hogwarts Perhaps?

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The Queen supports gay marriage and also seems annoyed with royal baby talk. (Lainey Gossip)

Jake Gyllenhaal won't be playing Rapunzel's Prince in the Into The Woods.  In my opinion, any movie Jake isn't in suffers. (Celebuzz)

• Okay so now that we know Fifty Shades of Grey is absolutely and positively happening, we can all take a breath. But I'm still wondering why Robert Pattinson hasn't signed on to play Christian Grey? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Kristin Stewart was spotted in her military get-up on set of her upcoming film, Camp X-Ray. I hope a piece of Bella Swan is still hiding under that uniform somewhere. (ET Online)

•. These music videos and artists all have something important to say. No, Justin Bieber did not make the list, sorry…  (Flavorwire)

• Honestly, I think I'd be more excited for Emma Watson's potential wedding than I ever was for Kate Middleton's. I mean, hello people, this is Hermione Granger we are talking about! (Hollywood Hiccups)

•  In news that will depress you… Robert Downey Jr. reportedly earned 75 millions dollars this past year. Really something I didn't want to know. (Have U Heard)

• Here's advice on how to update your Twitter and Facebook without irritating every single one of your friends. (The Frisky)

• All you need to know about the upcoming film Rush is that Chris Hemsworth appears shirtless. (Have U Heard)

• Ever wonder how Gwyneth Paltrow looks so amazing? Me too and now I know after reading this. (The Stir)

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