Emma Stone Looks About One Shade Of Foundation Away From A Drug Overdose

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Last night, on the red carpet for the Paris Spiderman premiere, Emma Stone wore a sheer black dress that was very sexy in a witchy, Snow White and the Huntsman kind of way. I'm normally a fan of this type of look, as well as of Emma Stone in general, so it pains me to say  that she did not pull it off very well.

First and most importantly: what happened to her red hair?? Red hair looks great on Goth chicks (just ask Evan Rachel Wood) and Emma has said repeatedly that she prefers it to her hair's natural blonde color, so what gives? Without any blush or foundation, the blonde hair washes her out like crazy.

Speaking of which, what's wrong with her skin? Maybe it is somehow reflecting the blue carpet via some complicated combo of camera flashes and science, but she looks like Uma Thurman during the OD scene in Pulp Fiction. In other words: not healthy. What with her zombified Vogue cover and now this, I'm starting to worry Emma Stone's being slowly drained by a vampire. My eye's on you, Eric Northman.

For an example of someone who pulls off being extremely pale with total, lifelike mastery, she should check out some photos of Christina Hendricks.

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Photo credit: Reuters